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1384-well plates
296-well plates
3Absorbent papers
4Adapters, KECK
5Adapters, probe
6Adhesive tape dispensers
7Adhesive tapes
8Aircraft markers
9Aluminium caps
10Aluminium foils
11Aluminium vial holders
12Ampoule crimpers
13Analytical filter funnels
14Antifoam emulsions
15Aprons, cryo
17Autoclave gloves
19Bags, disposal
20Bags, gas
21Bags, sample
22Bags, tote
23Bands, heat-shrink
24Bars, stirring
25Base magnifiers
27Battery coolant, refractometers
28Beakers, glass
29Beakers, Griffin
30Beakers, measuring
31Benches, drying
32Bins, waste
33Biohazard disposal bags
34Biohazard waste bins
35Blades, disposable
37Block thermostats
38Boats, weighing
39Boiling stones
40Bottle carriers
41Bottle inserts
42Bottle top aspirators
43Bottle top filters
45Bottles, centrifuge
46Bottles, diagnostic
47Bottles, dropper
48Bottles, filter
49Bottles, gas washing
50Bottles, laboratory
51Bottles, media
52Bottles, narrow mouth
53Bottles, rectangular
54Bottles, roller
55Bottles, square
56Bottles, washing
57Bottles, wide mouth
58Box racks, cryo
59Boxes, cryo
60Boxes, disposal
61Boxes, freezing
62Boxes, microscope slide
63Boxes, staining
64Boxes, storage
65Boxes, transport
66Broken glass disposal
67Brushes, cleaning
68Buckets, ice
69Büchner funnels
70Buffer solutions
71BYTAC films
72Cabinets, CleanAir
73Cabinets, safety
74Cabinets, sterilisation
76Canisters, storage
77Cans, waste
78Capillary tubes
80Caps, aluminium
81Caps, culture tube
82Caps, Erlenmeyer
83Caps, screw
84Caps, sealing
85Caps, snap-on
86Caps, test tubes
87Carboy vent filters
89Carboys, disposable
90Carboys, handles
91Card funnels
92Carrier handles
93Carrier plates
94Carriers, bottle
95Carriers, transport
96Carriers, utility
97Catalyst tablets
98Cell culture dishes
99Cell culture flasks
100Cell culture inserts
101Cell factories
102Cell factory
103Cell spreaders
104Centrifuge bottles
105Centrifuge tube closures
106Centrifuge tube racks
107Centrifuge tubes
108Centrifuge tubes, high speed
109Centrifuge tubes, Oak Ridge
110Centrifuge tubes, screw caps
112Centrifuges, mini
113Ceramic scissors
114Chambers, vacuum
115Chill checkers
116Chloride meters
118Circulators, Stomacher
119Clamps, ground joint
120Clamps, tubing
121CleanAir, cabinets
122Cleaning brushes
123Cleaning sets, pipette
124Cleansing tissues
125Clips, ground joint
126Clips, tubing
128Closures, centrifuge tube
129Closures, culture tube
130Closures, Erlenmeyer flasks
131Closures, probe adapter
132Closures, screw
133Closures, sealing
134Closures, snap-on
135Closures, test tubes
136Cloths, cleansing
137CN membrane, filter units
138Cold protections
139Collection tubes
140Colony counters
141Color change crayons
143Colour change crayons
144Combination electrodes, pH
145Compressed gas cylinders
146Connectors, tubing
148Containers, flat
149Containers, freezing
150Containers, ice
151Containers, safety
152Containers, sample
153Containers, storage
154Containers, waste
155Coolers, labtop
156Coolers, laptop
157Coolers, mini
158Cooling dry blocks
159Cooling systems
160Cooling thermostats
161Counters, colony
162Counters, hand tally
163Couplings, glass stirrer
164Cover glasses
165Cover slips
166Crayons, color change
167Crayons, colour change
168Crimp ring vials
169Crimp top vials
171Cryo aprons
172Cryo box racks
173Cryo boxes
174Cryo gloves
175Cryo labels
176Cryo markers
177Cryo protection sleeves
178Cryo tube racks
179Cryo tubes
180Cryo tubes vial holders
181Cube racks
182Culture flasks
183Culture flasks, Fernbach
184Culture tube caps
185Culture tubes
186Cutters, tubing
187Cylinders, gas
188Cylinders, graduated
190Desiccator sealing rings
191Desiccators, vacuum
192Detergents, liquid
193Dewar vessels
194Diagnostic bottles
195Dialysis tubing
196Dialysis tubing clips
197Digestion systems
198Digital polarimeters
199Digital refractometers
200Dishes, cell culture
201Dishes, Multi
202Dishes, Petri
203Dishes, weighing
205Dispenser boxes
207Dispensers, label
208Dispensers, Parafilm
209Dispensers, spectacles
210Dispensers, tape
211Disposable boxes
212Disposable carboys
213Disposable filter funnels
214Disposable funnels
215Disposable razor blades
216Disposal bags
217Disposal systems
218Dosing systems
219Dosing tanks
220Double spatulas
221DOUNCE, homogenisers
222Draining stands
223Dropper bottles
224Dry blocks
225Drying benches, microscope slides
226DUALL, homogenisers
228Electrodes, pH
229Emulsions, antifoam
230Erlenmeyer flasks
231Erlenmeyer flasks, closures
232Erlenmeyer flasks, narrow mouth
233Erlenmeyer flasks, wide mouth
234Factories , cell
235Factory, cell
236Fernbach culture flasks
237Fernbach flasks
238Fillers, pipettes
239Filling closures
240Films, BYTAC
241Films, Hostaphan
242Filter bottles
243Filter forceps
244Filter funnels
245Filter holders
246Filter unit receivers
247Filter units
248Filters, bottle top
249Filters, syringe
250Filters, vent
251Flame photometers
252Flask rings
254Flasks, culture
255Flasks, Erlenmeyer
256Flasks, filter
257Flasks, slide
258Flasks, square
259Flat containers
260Floating stirring bars
261Foils, aluminium
262Foils, Hostaphan
263Foils, laboratory
264Folders, microscope slides
265Folders, slide
267Forceps, filter
268Freezing containers
269Fuel tubing
270Funnels, Büchner
271Funnels, card
272Funnels, disposable
273Funnels, filter
274Funnels, rapid
275Funnels, separatory
276Funnels, waste
277Gas bags
278Gas collection tubes
279Gas cylinders
280Gas washing bottles
281Glass beakers
282Glass disposal
283Glass markers
284Glass stirrer couplings
285Glasses, cover
286Glasses, dispensers
288Gloves, autoclave
289Gloves, cryo
290Graduated cylinders
291Graduated jugs
292Griffin beakers
293Grinders, tissue
294Grips, hand
295Ground joint clamps
296Ground joint clips
297Hand grips
298Hand tally counters
299Handheld refractometers
300Handles, carrier
301Handles, cartoys
302Heads, filter
303Headspace vials
304Heat protections
305Heat-shrink bands
306Heating block thermostats
307Heating dry blocks
308Heating mantles
309Heating thermostats
311Holders, aluminium
312Holders, filter
313Holders, gas cylinders
314Holders, gloves
315Holders, microscope slide
316Holders, pipette
317Holders, Pipettor
318Holders, thermometer
319Holders, tube
320Holders, tubing
322Homogenisers, Potter-Elvehjem
323Homogenisers, Stomacher
325Homogenizers, Potter-Elvehjem
326Homogenizers, Stomacher
327Hose clamps
328Hose clips
329Hose connectors
330Hose cutters
331Hose holders
333Hoses, dialysis
334Hoses, microbore
335Hoses, norprene
336Hoses, PharMed
337Hoses, pump
338Hoses, silicone
339Hoses, Tygon
340Hoses, Viton
341Hostaphan films
342Hot Hands
343Ice buckets
344Ice containers
345Ice pans
346Incubators, shaking
347Indicators, temperature
348Inoculation loops
349Inoculation needles
350Inserts for Kimble/Kontes bottles
351Inserts, bottle
352Inserts, cell culture
353ISO-Versinic tubing
354Jack, Lab
355Jars, Mason
356Jars, vacuum
357Jars, wide mouth
359Jugs, graduated
360KECK adapters
361KECK tubing clamps
363Lab blenders
364Lab Jacks
365Lab markers
366LAB rings
367LAB sleeves
368Lab soakers
369Label dispensers
370Label protection tapes
371Labels, cryo
372Labels, polyolefin
373Laboratory bottles
374Laboratory foils
375Laboratory mats
376Laboratory mixers
377Laboratory notebooks
378Laboratory washing machines
380Labtop coolers
381Lifting platforms
382Light boxes
383Liquid detergents
384Liquid sampling
385Loops, inoculation
386Low temperature indicators
387Magnetic stirrers
388Magnifiers, base
389Mantles, heating
391Markers, cryo
392Markers, glass
393Markers, Lab
394Mason jars
395Mats, laboratory
396Measuring beakers
397Measuring cylinders
398Media bottle tops
399Media bottles
400Melting point determination units