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1384-well plates
296-well plates
3Absorbent papers
4Adapters, KECK
5Adapters, probe
6Adhesive tape dispensers
7Adhesive tapes
8Aircraft markers
9Aluminium caps
10Aluminium foils
11Aluminium vial holders
12Ampoule crimpers
13Analytical filter funnels
14Antifoam emulsions
15Aprons, cryo
17Autoclave gloves
19Bags, disposal
20Bags, gas
21Bags, sample
22Bags, tote
23Bands, heat-shrink
24Bars, stirring
25Base magnifiers
27Battery coolant, refractometers
28Beakers, glass
29Beakers, Griffin
30Beakers, measuring
31Benches, drying
32Bins, waste
33Biohazard disposal bags
34Biohazard waste bins
35Blades, disposable
37Block thermostats
38Boats, weighing
39Boiling stones
40Bottle carriers
41Bottle inserts
42Bottle top aspirators
43Bottle top filters
45Bottles, centrifuge
46Bottles, diagnostic
47Bottles, dropper
48Bottles, filter
49Bottles, gas washing
50Bottles, laboratory
51Bottles, media
52Bottles, narrow mouth
53Bottles, rectangular
54Bottles, roller
55Bottles, square
56Bottles, washing
57Bottles, wide mouth
58Box racks, cryo
59Boxes, cryo
60Boxes, disposal
61Boxes, freezing
62Boxes, microscope slide
63Boxes, staining
64Boxes, storage
65Boxes, transport
66Broken glass disposal
67Brushes, cleaning
68Buckets, ice
69Büchner funnels
70Buffer solutions
71BYTAC films
72Cabinets, CleanAir
73Cabinets, safety
74Cabinets, sterilisation
76Canisters, storage
77Cans, waste
78Capillary tubes
80Caps, aluminium
81Caps, culture tube
82Caps, Erlenmeyer
83Caps, screw
84Caps, sealing
85Caps, snap-on
86Caps, test tubes
87Carboy vent filters
89Carboys, disposable
90Carboys, handles
91Card funnels
92Carrier handles
93Carrier plates
94Carriers, bottle
95Carriers, transport
96Carriers, utility
97Catalyst tablets
98Cell culture dishes
99Cell culture flasks
100Cell culture inserts