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384 well plates for fluorescence and luminescence assays with optical bottom 
Accessories for cell factories 
 Aluminium rack 
Carrier Plates 
Cell culture dishes, Nunclon surface 
Cell culture flasks, 300 cm2 
Cell culture flasks, Nunclon surface 
Cell culture inserts 
Cell factories EasyFill with Nunclon D surface 
Cell factories for active gassing with Nunclon D surface 
Cell factories with Nunclon D surface 
Colour coders 
Conical centrifuge tubes 
Cryo Boxes made of cardboard 
CryoTube mini boxes 
CryoTube tubes 
 Cryoware markers, Nalgene 
EasYFlask cell culture flasks, non-treated 
EasYFlask cell culture flasks, Nunclon / Collagen I / Poly-D-Lysine Surface 
Flasks on slide 
Immuno tubes MiniSorp 
In-vitro, TufRol and TufRol EZ roller bottles 
Inoculating loops and needles 
Lab-Tek and Lab-Tek II chambered cover glasses 
Lab-Tek Chamber Slide System 
Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
MAX-100 CryoStore Boxes 
Microscope slides 
MicroWell 96 well microtitration plates 
 MicroWell 96 well microtitration plates with UpCell surface 
MiniTrays / MicroWell MiniTrays 
Multidishes with UpCell surface 
Nunclon Sphera 
 Petri dishes with UpCell surface 
Sealing Tapes 
Serological pipettes 
Snap caps for containers 
Stoppers for Immuno tubes MiniSorp 
 Storage holder 
Thermanox coverslips 
TripleFlask cell culture flasks, Nunclon surface