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Adhesive tape dispenser 
Adhesive tape for label protection 
Adhesive tapes 
Autoclave gloves 
Benchtop stand for disposal bags 
Biohazard disposal bags, PEHD 
Broken glass disposable boxes 
Dispenser for Label Protection Tapes 
Draining stand 
Gas collecting tubes 
Gas washing bottle 
Glass marker, pen shaped 
LAB rings, open 
Labmat disposable cloths 
Laboratory adhesive tapes 
Magic Touch 2 ice buckets Handy / N'Icer 
Magic Touch 2 ice pans Mini / Midi / Maxi 
Multiple dispensers for adhesive tape 
Petri dish stand, ABS 
Pipetting pumps 
Sampling spoons 
Test tube stands, PP 
Thermometer holder, PC 
Thermometer rack 
Tubing clamps 
Tubing cutter 
Tubing holder 
Urbanti PMP rapid funnels 
Vacuum desiccators, PC / PP