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Accesories for Multi Bio RS-24 programmable rotator 
Accesories for Multi RS-60 programmable rotator 
Accessories for Combitherm-2 CH 3-150 thermostat 
 Accessories for MSH-300 / Intelli-Stirrer MSH-300i magnetic stirrers 
Bio TDB-100 dry block thermostat 
Blocks for thermo-shakers 
CH-100 heating- / cooling dry blocks 
Combitherm-2 CH 3-150 heating and cooling thermostat 
CVP-2 centrifuge / vortex for PCR plates 
FTA-1 aspirators with trap flask 
 FTA-2i aspirator with trap flask 
IW-8, Intelispeed washer 
Mini Rocker-Shaker MR-1 
MPS-1 high-speed multi plate shaker 
MS-3000 / MMS-3000 high speed magnetic stirrers 
MSH-300 / Intelli-Stirrer MSH-300i magnetic stirrers with hot plate 
Multi / Multi Bio programmable rotators 
Multi Bio 3D shaker 
 Platforms for PSU-10i and ES-20 orbital shakers 
Platforms for PSU-20i and ES-20/60 orbital shakers 
PST plate shaker-thermostats 
 PSU-10i orbital shaker 
PSU-20i multi-functional orbital shaker 
Rocking shaker MR-12 
Sunflower 3D mini-shaker 
Thermo-shakers for microtubes and PCR plates 
TS-DW thermo-shaker for deep well plates 
UV cabinets for PCR operations 
UV-air flow cleaner-recirculators UVR-M and UVR-Mi