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MPS-1 High-Speed Multi Plate Shaker

 MPS-1 high-speed multi plate shaker video
This high-speed multi plate shaker can be used in virtually any application by providing adjustable mixing of reagents in microtest plates, PCR plates, deepwell plates and test tubes (shaking tubes 0.2 to 2 ml and vortexing any volume up to 50 ml).

The shaker is compact and user-friendly. It features a head for vortexing a single tube.
It can be used in cold rooms or incubators, operating at ambient temperature range from 4 to 40 °C.
Low voltage external power supply (12 V) provides electrical safety in humid environment.

The MPS-1 features a pulse mode mixing function that works on the principle of giving a periodic impulse: the tube is accelerated to the set speed, holds it for 3 s and then drops the speed to 0.
This motion is repeated until the timer runs out.
This method provides a constant state of resuspension of the particles inside a tube, as the acceleration is always changing.
The advantage of this method is the high throughput of mixed samples compared to vortexing a single tube.

- Speed control range from 300 to 3200 min-1.

- Smooth mixing with 3 mm orbit.

- Mixing presets.

- Pulse mode mixing function.

- Quiet operation: low noise at max. speed.

- High stability: stationary at max. speed.

- Universal platform holder for deepwell plates and microtest plates.
Technical Data:
Orbital Ø:3 mm
Acceleration time to max. speed:5 s
Digital time setting:0 to 60 min (15 s increments) / non-stop
Max. continuous operation time:8 h
Max. load:0.3 kg
Weight:5.1 kg
Dimensions:225 x 215 x 150 mm
Mixing presets
Vortex:3200 min-1
Hard:2600 min-1
Medium:1800 min-1
Soft:1000 min-1
Custom:adjustable min-1
 TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 300 - 3,2000.3154463619730805
 300 - 3,2000.3154463629730468