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IW-8, Intelispeed washer

Intelispeed Washer IW-8 is designed for washing of standard flat-bottom 96 well plates and microstrips. The unit is fully programmable ensuring multi-step solution ripening, aspiration.

The unit has 100 user-defined programs. Standard version is supplied with 8-channel washing head for dispensing / aspiration, 3 bottles for washing and rinsing solutions, a waste bottle and bottle with filter.

The unit is designed for washing standard 96-well plates during analyses. The unit provides:
  • Washing mode.
  • Rinsing mode.
  • Mixing mode.
  • Double aspiration.
  • Possibility of additional solution mixing during time gap between 2 work cycles.
  • Possibility to use microtest plates by different manufacturers, ensured by automated plate set up (adjusting to different depths of plate wells).
  • Plate and strip washing mode.
  • User-defined programs with adjustable parameters.
  • Saving work programs.

The unit is designed for use in closed laboratory rooms at temperatures from + 10 to + 35 °C and rel. humidity up to 80 % at + 25 °C decreasing linearly to 50 % rel. humidity at 35 °C.

4 CHW Logger:
4-channel washing solution weight logger, 4 CHW Logger provides automatic control of rinsing solution and waste volumes. The washer shows remaining volume for each bottle as percentage and gives a warning message in case of low solution volume or full waste bottle when 4 CHW Logger is connected.
Technical Data:
Min. dispense volume:25 µl
Max. dispense volume:1600 µl
Dispense increment:25 µl
Dispensing accuracy:± 2.5 %
Allowed residual liquid volume in plate well:not more than 2 µl
Number of wells washed simultaneously:8
Number of washing cycles for each channel:1 to 15
Aspiration time:0.2 to 3 s
Aspiration / dispensing speed:3 levels
Max. number of channels in a program:2
Soaking time:0 to 300 s (increment 10 s)
Shaking time:0 to 150 s (increment 5 s)
Number of washed rows:1 to 12
Time of plate single wash:≤ 45 s
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 IW-8, Intelispeed washer375 x 345 x 1809.6154456399730827
 4 CHW weight logger267 x 252 x 973154456459730828