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Heathrow Scientific
True North® Cool Containers

Made of rigid single-molded PU to provide the durability needed for chilling temperature sensitive samples. With excellent insulation properties. These ice buckets and ice pans are ideal for ice, ice-salt slurries and more. For low-temperature use to - 196 °C at 1 bar. The close-fit lid keeps evaporation to a min. and features a comfortable recessed knob. The lid and bottom of the bucket / pan are keyed to fit together. Precise pour spout and generous handles.
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
Bucketblack4181 x 23416360650HS28714K
Pangreen1267 x 196 x 11415444948HS28721G
Panblue4381 x 254 x 14016360649HS28724B
Panred9521 x 282 x 16316360648HS28729R