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Heathrow Scientific
OneRack® Tube Racks, PP

The durable OneRacks® are molded in a single, continuous piece. No assembly required and no detachable pieces. The racks are made of PP. They are sturdy and highly resistant to acids, bases, solvents and heat.
  • Not autoclavable.
  • High chemical and heat resistance (0 to 110 °C).
  • Stable design for use in water baths.
 DescriptionPositionsFor vials
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
OneRack®725 to 10white202 x 104 x 5915444942HS27551A
 OneRack®725 to 10blue202 x 104 x 5915444943HS27551B
OneRack®725 to 10green202 x 104 x 5915444944HS27551C
OneRack®725 to 10magenta202 x 104 x 5915444945HS27551D
 OneRack®725 to 10white250 x 127 x 7016374925HS27552A
OneRack®725 to 10blue250 x 127 x 7015187152HS27552B
 OneRack®725 to 10green250 x 127 x 7015444946HS27552C
 OneRack®725 to 10magenta250 x 127 x 7015444947HS27552D