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Heathrow Scientific
Fold & Snap Tube Racks

The Fold & Snap tube rack is an economical and durable rack. These PP racks are shipped flat in one piece and easy-to-assemble, just fold and snap together.
  • Dimensions: 245 x 105 x 63 mm.
  • Autoclavable.
 DescriptionPositionsFor vials
ColourPUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 Fold & Snap tube rack405 to 30blue15444884HS243071B
 Fold & Snap tube rack405 to 30red15444885HS243071R
 Fold & Snap tube rack405 to 30white15444886HS243071W
 Fold & Snap tube rack405 to 30yellow15444887HS243071Y
 Fold & Snap tube rack605 to 15blue15444892HS243077B
 Fold & Snap tube rack605 to 15red15444893HS243077R
 Fold & Snap tube rack605 to 15white15444894HS243077W
 Fold & Snap tube rack605 to 15yellow15444895HS243077Y
 Fold & Snap tube rack905 to 10blue15444888HS243073B
 Fold & Snap tube rack905 to 10red15444889HS243073R
 Fold & Snap tube rack905 to 10white15444890HS243073W
 Fold & Snap tube rack905 to 10yellow15444891HS243073Y