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Heathrow Scientific
True North™ Flatpack Freezer Boxes, Thin Film PP

Reusable, economical and moisture resistant plastic. These easy self-assemble boxes come flat-packed, ensuring valuable lab space is not taken up storing the boxes before they are needed. Made of thin-film PP, they are more durable than card boxes as they are not susceptible to moisture, so they can be frozen and thawed numerous times without a problem. Flat-shipped boxes for convenient storage and quick assembly.
  • Pre-assembled dividers incl. with the boxes.
  • Store down to temperatures of - 196 °C.
For vials
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 True North™white81125 x 124 x 491.5 to 2.015444863HS120370
 True North™blue81125 x 124 x 491.5 to 2.015444864HS120371
 True North™green81125 x 124 x 491.5 to 2.015444865HS120372
 True North™purple81125 x 124 x 491.5 to 2.015444866HS120373