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Heathrow Scientific
True North™ Flatpack Freezer Boxes, PP

Reusable, economical and moisture resistant plastic. These easy self-assemble boxes come flat-packed, ensuring valuable lab space is not taken up storing the boxes before they are needed. Made of corrugated PP, they are more durable than card boxes as they are not susceptible to moisture, so they can be frozen and thawed numerous times without a problem. Flat-shipped boxes for convenient storage and quick assembly.
  • Pre-assembled dividers incl. with the boxes.
  • Store down to temperatures of - 80 °C.
For vials
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 True North™transparent16147 x 145 x 1205015444851HS120366
 True North™blue16147 x 145 x 1205015444852HS120367
 True North™transparent25133 x 130 x 75515444859HS120387
 True North™blue25133 x 130 x 75515444860HS120388
 True North™transparent36147 x 145 x 1201515444861HS120391
 True North™blue36147 x 145 x 1201515444862HS120392
 True North™transparent81133 x 130 x 420.515444857HS120383
 True North™blue81133 x 130 x 420.515444858HS120384
 True North™transparent81133 x 130 x 511.5 to 2.015444853HS120262
 True North™blue81133 x 130 x 511.5 to 2.015444854HS120376
 True North™transparent144133 x 130 x 300.215444855HS120379
 True North™blue144133 x 130 x 300.215444856HS120380