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Nunclon™ Sphera™

Advancing cell culture research.

Optimising spheroid formation
  • The culture surface allows cells to grow in suspension with virtually no cell attachment.
  • The surface supports many different cell types and their ability to generate spheroids; studies show that over time the spheroids grow in volume, indicating that the new surface enables consistent, repeatable cell growth.

Growing 3D cancer cultures
  • Minimises variability and supports the consistent formation of cancer spheroids that simulate the 3D structures of tumor growth, providing a better model system for studying tumor cell progression and efficacy of anticancer agents in vitro.

Promoting formation of embryoid bodies (EB)
  • As an important milestone in the differentiation process, the Nunclon™ Sphera™ surface demonstrates superior quality for embryoid body formation of pluripotent stem cells with min. spontaneous differentiation. The resultant cells are able to differentiate into all three germ layers.
 TypeSurfacePUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 Microwell 96U well plate, round bottom, well volume 300 μl 15438040174925
 Microwell 96F well plate, flat bottom, well volume 400 μl 15438041174927
 Multidish, 24 Kammer1.9 cm215438042174930
 Multidish, 12 Kammer3.8 cm215438043174931
 Multidish, 6 Kammer9.6 cm215438044174932
 Dish, 35 mm8.8 cm215438045174943
 Dish, 60 mm221.5 cm215438046174944
 Dish, 90 mm256.7 cm215438047174945
 T 25 cell culture flask25 cm215438048174951
 T 75 cell culture flask75 cm215438049174952