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Magic Touch 2™ Ice Buckets Handy / N'Icer

Superior insulating properties combined with high chemical resistance make Magic Touch 2™ laboratory ice pans compatible not only with wet ice, but also with ultra-low temperature materials incl. dry ice, ice-salt slurries, dry ice solvent slurries or liquid nitrogen. Their lightly textured non-slip finish and raised edge provides secure transport and a stylish look.
  • Expanded urethane icewares are lightweight, durable and non-sweating.
  • Impervious to moisture and odours.
  • Able to withstand a wide temperature range: - 196 to + 100 °C.
  • Features convenient pour spout, drip-proof rims and fill line indicator.
  • Snug-fitting, keyed lid and base make stacking easy and secure.
ColourØ x H
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 Handy2.5blue268 x 179154379018072001
 Handy2.5black268 x 179154379028072002
 Handy2.5red268 x 179154379038072003
 Handy2.5green268 x 179154379048072004
 N'Icer4blue268 x 227154379058074001
 N'Icer4black268 x 227154379068074002
 N'Icer4red268 x 227154379078074003
 N'Icer4green268 x 227154379088074004
Racks for reactions vessels and cell culture tubes are available.