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Portables Autoclaves CERTOCLAV CV-EL

Portable, maintenance-free, steam sterilising laboratory autoclaves. Aluminium body and lid, with plastic carrying handles. For research, development and quality control or medical applications. Thermostatic controlled.
  • With 2-stage valve, precision analogue manometer with drag needle pointer dial, safety valve for fractional venting, pressure limiting valve, overpressure cutout and safety catch to prevent opening under pressure and an exhaust steam drain.
  • GS-Certificate of IEC 1010-1:2001 and IEC 1010-2-041:1995. CE-Certificate constructed acc. 73 / 23 / EWG.
  • Supplied with instrument tray with 3 feet and a minimum water gauge.
Technical Data:
Operating temperature / pressure:stage 1: 125 °C = 1.4 bar
stage 2: 140 °C = 2.7 bar
special valve: 115 °C = 0.7 bar
special valve: 121 °C = 1.1 bar
Heating power:1900 W
Mains supply:230 V ± 10 %, 50 to 60 Hz
Inside Ø

PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 CERTOCLAV CV-EL 12L12240260158420138501312
 CERTOCLAV CV-EL 18L18240390158420148501318
 Set CERTOCLAV CV-EL 12L, incl. wire basket12240260154307138501412
 Set CERTOCLAV CV-EL 18L, incl. wire basket18240390154307148501418
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